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Renew's Videos

Steve Saint Introduces Renew

Renew Outreach creates solar powered audio and visual presentation equipment.  We harness the newest technology to engineer reliable, portable tools to spread the Gospel to the most remote people groups on earth. Our partnerships with ministry organizations allow us to provide the JESUS Film, the audio Bible and New Testament, and other media for use with our equipment in over 1000 languages!

Our products are used extensively by missionaries throughout the world to help fulfill the Great Commission. Read more about Renew's work with world missions organizations on our partners page.

Vista 1000

For 1,000 viewers
Weighs 40 lbs
8 hr video run time

In Stock


Vista 500

For 500 viewers
Weighs 18 lbs
3 hr video run time

Out Of Stock


Vista 200 Bright

For 200 viewers
Weighs 9 lbs
3 hr video run time

Out Of Stock